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Bromelain - 2400 GDU/g Pineapple Extract Powder - Protein-Digesting Enzyme

Bromelain - 2400 GDU/g Pineapple Extract Powder - Protein-Digesting Enzyme

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Bromelain is a natural enzyme derived from near the core of the pineapple fruit. As one of the most effective digestive enzymes, bromelain facilitates the breakdown of fats and carbohydrates, playing an integral role in digestion. Bromelain also supports related dysfunctions by assisting natural digestive processes and helping to reduce inflammation. Bromelain may also be helpful during weight loss programs and to reduce constipation, bloating, heartburn, and gas symptoms. This ingredient may be added to foods and beverages or smoothies and green drinks. PFL Non-GMO Pesticide Free powder extracts are not ETO Treated or Gamma Irradiated. Some typically gummy, oily or damp extracts require an anti-caking agent to maintain its powder form. Non-GMO and/or Organic Tapioca maltodextrins are typically used, in as small amounts as possible. If used, PFL will list it on our label. Most extracts require its use, whether other suppliers disclose it or not. Review the safety article at Prescribed For Life for more information.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Paul Leblanc
Quality level seems high

I'm going only on the quality of the product as it appears to me with its freshness, packaging, taste, and all that. I have not been able to detect benefits that can be traced directly to it, so although I seem to be digesting food better, who knows? If you are considering it and would like to know if it's quality or not, I think very highly of it.

I eat it directly and make sure to soak it with saliva before trying to swallow it or get it stuck to the roof of my mouth. No problems. No need to struggle with it and I don't bother with it in water or juice because I think that would get a little messy. Who needs it? Just eat it. It's not like some huge amount. Just take your time processing it with saliva and you're good to swallow it. It's quite tasty, I might say, tasting just like what it is - pineapple.

Kelly Brooks

I was very disappointed when I received my order to find maltodextrin as an extra ingredient in this Bromelain. I had ordered one other time from this company and was not happy with the product or the customer service But it had been a while and I forgot and ordered from them again, well I won't make that mistake again!

very Good Stuff....

I was intending to take this Bromelain on empty stomach for it's anti inflammatory benefits as I have Meralgia Paresthetica (trapped femoral nerve in my left leg). So when imy 4oz pack arrived, away I went just popping a measured does straight into mouth with a little water, swish and swallow.

Now I found there was a couple of issues I'd not considered...first off it clumps up with addition of fluid so gets stuck behind teeth and nooks & crannies which required some picking out. I thought it would just dissolve/mix easily with water.

Second, it's a strong product which caused a sore mouth and throat due to the Enzyme activity (felt like I'd eaten a whole fresh pineapple in one sitting and my mouth & throat were dissolving, ouch but dang that's good stuff!)

I've since picked up some empty 000 vitamin caps and now fill and take that way...this size cap takes a heaped 1/8th spoon dose per cap. It is a rather large cap you might find a 00 better if you don't favour swallowing very large caps.

I use a small piece of paper to funnel in measured powder dose into each cap, easy but time consuming. I do while watching TV and do a weeks worth at a time.

I found this is a much better way to take this Bromelain.

If you wanted to take for digestion you could easily mix directly into a small amount food and swallow quick and I'd think that way it should not affect your mouth & throat to much, I've not tried that myself yet.

Regarding effects of Bromelain on my Meralgia Paresthetica, hip-ray, the terrible burning pain is gone!!!. I've still got the occasional twinge of creeping skin symptom and a slight heavy feeling and numbness left but it's still only eairly days (approx 2 weeks since starting, taking 2 caps morning and night).

I highly recommend this product and I will be back to buy a larger pack.


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